Original research papers, review articles, short communications and technical reports, can be submitted on the considerate that the work is not under consideration for publication elsewhere or previously published.
Submission of Manuscript
It is recommended to submit manuscript through email to the editor email as follows:

Checklist before submitting your manuscript
  • The paper must be written in English and formatted in IEEE format.
  • The paper must have your original work, not publish or submit to other Journals for publishing.
  • The paper must check for plagiarism using any available software. And it not has been plagiarized in whole or in part.
  • All figures must be clear and not copied from other resources.

Publication Fee
Our journal is open access, and all articles are published online. There is no submission charge.
Style of Manuscript
 Please note that all papers must be written in the exact IEEE format (please follow the link:

The journal’s language is English.
British or American English spelling and terminology may be used in the manuscript. Please provide your manuscript in  Word format. Contributors who are not native English speakers are strongly encouraged to ensure that a colleague fluent in the English language, if none of the authors is so, has reviewed their manuscript.
English Language Editing Service
Prior to submission, authors who believe their manuscripts would benefit from professional editing, especially from non-English speaking countries, are encouraged to use a language-editing service.
Manuscript should be written in concise, clear and grammatically correct English. Indent new paragraphs.
The manuscript should be presented in the following order:
Key Words:  Please provide 4 to 6 key words in alphabetical order separated with semicolons, not included in the title. Scientific or systematic name of plants and fungi etc. should be written in italic.
Abbreviations: Abbreviations and their explanations should be collected alphabetically arranged in a list or should be explained when they first appear in the text.
Symbols and units. Only SI (System International) units and abbreviations should be used.
Abstract:  Please provide a short abstract between 100- 250 words. The abstract must include the title, author(s) full name, affiliation, mailing address, telephone and fax numbers.
Introduction:  This section should argue the case for your research, outlining only essential background, but should not include either the findings or the conclusions. It should not be a review of the subject area, but should finish with a clear statement of the driving question of the research. Please provide a context for the report with respect to previous work done in the field. The literature should be cited. Please do not insert page number in your manuscript with MS Word insert page facility.
Materials and Methods:  Please provide sufficient methodological details to allow a competent person to repeat the work.
Results and Discussion:  This should highlight the results and the significance of the results and place them in the context of other work. The final paragraph ought to provide a resume of the main conclusions. Normally a comparison between your results and results from previous works should be given in the Discussion.
Acknowledgment: is the credits and general term for the list of contributions, and other information included at the end of the text of a manuscript but before the references. It includes information on author access to data; authors’ contributions; disclosure of potential conflicts of interests, including financial relationships and interests; funding and support sources.
Proofs: will be sent via e-mail as an Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) file. Acrobat Reader will be required in order to read the PDF. This will enable the file to be opened, read on screen and printed out in order for any corrections to be added.