The International Journal of Computation and Applied Sciences (IJOCAAS) a peer-reviewed, Open Access and online international publishing journal.  Author needs to submit his/her original work (MS-Word document based on IEEE format) to the International Journal of Computation and Applied Sciences (IJOCAAS) through the following official email.
The Editor-in-chief will follow a certain peer review process with calibration of editorial board members and scientific reviews and referees.
Peer Review Process
First, editor in chief, review the paper internally and takes an initial decision to accept or to reject the manuscript based on several factors such as (the topic up to date, Scope, originality, formatting, scientific validity, technical representation).


  1. Relevance of Topic
  2. Scholarly Quality
  3. Clarity of the presentation (Figures and Illustrations)
  4. Quality of English usage
  5. Use of Theory and Technical Content
  6. Originality of the paper
  7. Significance and Innovation
  8. Clarity of Conclusions/Abstract
  9. Strengths and Weaknesses of the paper.
Final Decision

After the chief / associate editor received the review’s feedback, the final decision about the manuscript is taken (Clear Acceptance, Accept with Minor Revision, Accept with Major Revision, Rejection). The final decision will be sent to the corresponding author with a summary of editors and reviewer’s comments.
Appeal Procedure
The researcher has the right to appeal on the final evaluation decision. He should provide the evidence of the objection sections. The result of the complaint will send to the researcher after examining the case by the complaints committee headed by the Editor in Chief and membership associate editors.

The authors are requested to submit to the journal a copyright statement. The statement clarify that the submitted manuscript for publication has not been publisher or submitted for publication in any other journal. For the mutual benefit and protection of publishers and authors it is necessary that authors provide formal written consent to publish and transfer of Copyright Form before publication of the work. 
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.