Human comfort indicators in the city of Baghdad-Iraq

Human comfort indicators in the city of Baghdad-Iraq

Ali A K Al-Waeli

Kadhem H M Al-Asadi

International Journal of Computation and Applied Sciences IJOCAAS  , Vol. 1, Issue 1, AUGUST 2016 , PP:27-35

Comfort concept is a relative concept differs from person to person and from time to time and even for the same individual at different times. Also, the large numbers of variables that affect the sense of comfort role ‘s hard to be found a single measure accurately that could be adopted in the measurement.
Especially that some of the variables are physiological and psychological. In this paper, the comfort of peoples live in the city of Baghdad, Iraqi capital were studied from point of view of the effective temperature guide (day and night), the presumption of happiness and pleasure, the presumption the bio-meteorological temperature, wind cooling guide, and the affecting heat proof surface in terms of solar radiation and wind.


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