Solar Radiation, Temperature and Humidity Measurements in Sohar-Oman

Solar Radiation, Temperature and Humidity Measurements in Sohar-Oman

Hussein A Kazem

International Journal of Computation and Applied Sciences IJOCAAS  , Vol. 1, Issue 1, AUGUST 2016 , PP:15-20

This paper presents real measurements of Direct Solar Radiation (DSR), Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI), Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance (DHI) and Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI), Temperature and Humidity in Sohar-Oman (21o N, 57o E) throughout the year, with the existing meteorological conditions encountered. Real-time, high resolution solar radiation and other meteorological data were collected and processed. Monthly and daily statistics of DSR were calculated from the one-minute average recorded by the weather station.
The highest one-minute average daily DSR was recorded as 937 W/m2. The highest monthly and daily mean DSR values were recorded as 730 and 493.5 W/m2, respectively. In addition to DSR, surface temperature variations, the daily average clearness indexes, and relative humidity variations are discussed. When possible, DSR and some meteorological data are compared with corresponding data of the 22-year average of NASA’s surface meteorology model, Department of Meteorology-Oman (1987-1992) and author measurements. The measured data (DSR and meteorological) are in close agreement with the NASA SSE model and Department of Meteorology-Oman (1987-1992) with some discrepancy.

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