Detection of Shallow Subsurface Water by Processing Two-dimensional Electrical Imaging Data With Multiple Iteration

International Journal of Computation and Applied Sciences (IJOCAAS)

Volume 4, Issue 1, February 2018

Mervat Ayad Abd Al-khaliq         Alaa Ezzat Hassen           Firas Subhi Hameed

Abstract— In this research we used technician of 2D electrical imaging to detect shallow ground water at samara, by using ABEM LS tetrameter instrument (64 channel with multi electrode cable system) and choose three profiles, the first and second profiles are parallel, third is perpendicular of them .we processed the data of profiles by using (RES2DINV) program with multi iteration (five iteration) for each profile. the apparent resistivity for first profile (5.17-125) Ω.m, second profile (2.67-66.1) Ω.m,and third profile (2.26-65.4) Ω.m The shallow groundwater  are detected at (0.75-6.3) m suspended water assemblage resulted from rain water and sewage leakage and not effect of aquifer because of the solid layer that separate  , and the water table at(27.5)m the aquifer at(30)m.

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