CFD Modelling of dissolved salt / water flow mixture nucleate pool boiling phase change through vertical bundle of holes

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Abstract- A steam iron nucleate flow boiling phase change at saturation temperature have been simulated numerically in the ANSYS-CFX code taking into consideration the dissolved salt volume fraction rate, the two-phase flow field is spreaded through circular patterned holes with natural convection pool phase change, the mixture is subjected to a uniform heating source of (100°C) constant temperature. Two cases were adopted, the first with pure flow mixture (continuous liquid to dispersed vapor), and the second with dissolved salt injection. Applying Schiller naumann drag model for momentum transfer and the two-resistance heat transfer (Ranz-Marshall /zero resistance) models. It is concluded that salt increased have a negative effect on the evaporation phenomena by slowing the phase transition, and decreasing temperature contours.

Mustafa Ahmed Abdulhussain
Year: 2017, Volume: 3, Issue: 3, Page No: 278-283
International Journal of Computation and Applied Sciences (IJOCAAS)

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