Calculate the Reflected Hourly Solar Radiation by Mirror Surfaces of Solar Concentrators Parabolic Trough

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Abstract This paper aimed for calculating throughput characteristics of a parabolic trough solar collector throughout the day, it must be calculated the solar radiation every hour during the day for each month. The long run models give the distribution of the average hourly of the total radiation through the average day of each month. According to this long run models, the rate of daily global and scattered radiation on a horizontal surface are given,  and  , consecutively, it is potential to predict long run hourly global and scattered solar radiation: Ih and IS,h. The values of  and  can be get either from ground-based measurements or satellite data. The satellite information offer data regarding solar radiation and environmental condition in locations wherever ground measure values don’t seem to be accessible.  The model of daily integration (DI), as an hourly radiation model was used to calculate the solar radiation.

Moafaq K.S. Al-Ghezi

Year: 2017, Volume: 3, Issue: 3, Page No: 256-260

International Journal of Computation and Applied Sciences (IJOCAAS)

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