Experimental study on the coefficient of performance of a cold room unit with water spraying at the condenser

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Abstract—An experimental study has been carried out on the enhancement of coefficient of performance of cold room unit by water spraying technique on the condenser of the system. From collected data, it has been found that water spraying is a good option to enhance the coefficient of performance (COP). Comparison between two cases was conducted, one of them is with no water spraying, while the other one is with water spraying. The feedback of this process was positive in enhancing the COP of the cooling system (1.2% to 5.5%) approximately, when the evaporator load was 0.5 to 1.5 kW.

Ghassan Al-Doori, Ahmed A. M. Saleh, and Iessa Sabbe Moosa

Year: 2017, Volume: 3, Issue: 3, Page No: 246-250

International Journal of Computation and Applied Sciences (IJOCAAS)




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